Namasankeertan by Kovai Sri S Jayaraman Bhagavathar & Group - Saturday, 26th November 2016

Charitable Activities

Over the years, the Samaj has evolved in various philanthropic and charitable activities and humanitarian services like educational assistance, medical assistance/medical camps and mass feeding for the poor etc. being conducted on a regular basis at Sri Ram Mandir premises.Mass Feeding offerings can be availed by like minded people on a date/day of their choice by contacting the Samaj office.

During 2016, the Samaj adopted 3 deserving students from Vivek Education Society’s Vivek Vidyalaya by providing them with Educational assistance for 10 years. The Samaj contemplates to continue such adoption of deserving students year after year to establish that the Samaj not only stands for its religious, spiritual and cultural activities but also behaves as a responsible organization in taking care of its social obligations.

Educational Assistance

Medical Assistance

Massfeeding Activities